Course Formats

Include multiple course formats such as Topics, Weeks, Buttons and Social.

  • Accepts PPTX, DOCX, XLSX, HTML5, SCORM, AICC, LTI and technically all format that can be read by browsers.
  • Drag and drop easy to use interface
  • Issue digital badges
  • Import, export and backup courses
  • Multilingual courses
  • Drip feed content
  • Restrict access (pre-requisites)
  • Advanced Gradebook
  • Course Request & Approval

Users & Authentications

Advanced Access Levels.
Create different roles and control what a user can do or can see.

  • Group students
  • Manage students in batches (cohorts)
  • Custom profile fields
  • Custom Roles (Create your own)
  • Import / Export
  • Single Sign On (Google, Facebook, OAuth, Shiboleth, CAS, SAML2, ADFS)
  • Bulk actions (Change user photos etc)

Student Enrolment

Sell courses online and automate enrolment.

  • Self-Enrol
  • Automatic Enrol
  • Manual Enrol by Teacher / Admin
  • CSV Import Enrolment
  • 3rd Party System / Database Enrolment
  • Enrolment Based on Batch
  • Coupon Code Enrolment
  • Paid Enrolment (Paypal / Credit Card)
  • Support Malaysian Payment Gateways

Exam Function

Online Exams.

  • More than 20 question types
  • Restrict exam can be taken from your company IP
  • Lock computer during exam (Prevent cheating)
  • Question Banks
  • Random questions
  • Time Limit
  • Grace Period
  • Camera capture of user every 10 seconds and upload to your server



  • Points award for any actions
  • Limit no. of times earn same points (Cheat guard)
  • Leaderboard
  • Ranking

Video Conferencing

Lag-less Live Conference.

  • 100 concurrent participants
  • Flawless video quality
  • Cloud recording / PC recording
  • Breakout rooms
  • Transcripts
  • Support mobile apps

User Dashboards

Customizable user Dashboards.

  • Custom dashboard contents for different roles
  • Unlimited dashboard widgets


Centralized Reports - Custom Made for your need.

  • Course participation report (Course Level)
  • Activity completion report (Course Level)
  • Competency breakdown (Course Level)
  • Logs report (Course Level)
  • Activity Report (Course Level)
  • Every action logs (System Level)

Mobile Applications

Android & iOS.

  • iOS / Android application custom branded to your company
  • Submission to Playstore and Appstore
  • Push Notifications

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